40-Year Reunion


The Dalles Class of 1965 held its 40-Year Reunion on July 29 & 30, 2005 in The Dalles, Oregon. Friday night’s opener was an informal social at the Windseeker Restaurant on the banks over looking the Columbia River. Saturday morning, several classmates participated in the Jim Powell Memorial Walk and later that night more enjoyed a more formal dinner and slide show at the Discovery Center Museum. Separate class events were held by St. Mary’s and Wahtonka classmates.

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Below is a list of those classmates that had their picture taken at Saturday night’s dinner at the Discovery Center. Others attended Friday night’s activity and still others arrived at the Discovery Center after the picture and will be listed later.

Row 1 Sitting

Allen Bowdle

Wayne Osmundson

Patsy Morioka

Mike McAllister

Steve Walker

Larry Andrews

Roger Whitley

John Moore

Rocky Brown

George Dyer

Dick Adkisson

Phil Frischmuth

Dave Mills

Clare Koznek

Richard Schumann

Gary Bradford

Mike Elston

Row 2

Gail Strode

Christie Webber

Linda Cael

Linda Geiger

Everett Marvel

Becky Thienes

Linda Fallon

Chisty Stinson

Barbara Garrison

Cheryl Hexum

CeAnn Nester

Darlene Doyle

Linda Miller

Jean Fleck

Dianna Sievers

Joy Otteson

Carol Hamilton

Sue Patrick

Renea Peterson

Scott Rooper

Verna Harmon

Gary Harshberger

Virgil Marvel

Penny O’Meara

Sarah Adkins

John Olmstead


Row 3

Pat Gibson

Eddie Wolf

Scott Lewis

Colleena McGuire

Mary Peightal

Susan Bronkey

Terry Medaris

Norma Re

Dorthy Hughson

Patty Moore

Karen Haener

Linda Bowen

Mary Swaim

Marcene Ashbrenner

Frances Estes

Marilyn Nichols

Alene Dunlap

Charles Hardin

Marilyn Ballinger

Maureen Connelly

Kathy Card

Row 4

Shannon McCarthy

Chuck Pryor

Doug Hicks

Barbara Williams

Chris Macnab

Diane Jurief

Alice “Widge” Wolfe

John Huteson

Marnie Moore

Bing Ott

Terry Miller

Teresa Faught

Larry Austin

Bruce Lindsay

Jim Sandoz

Eddie and Widge can still get into their high school attire.


An estimated 90 classmates and 40 friends and teachers attended these events.

In a survey completed by 45 Saturday-night participants, 33% felt everything went well with the reunion and especially the facilities. Even though most respondents would not change anything several did comment on the choice of food might be different. Most also felt that e-mail and the Internet would be the best way to increase communication with members of the class.

As can be seen by these two charts, most residents of the Class and reunion attendees were from Oregon and either The Dalles or the Portland area.

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