Dear The Dalles Wahtonka 1965 Classmate:

We’ve made a long journey since we graduated from high school and once more in our lives we are considered “seniors.”As a class back in 1965 we left a gift to our respective schools.  For The Dalles, it was a needed drinking fountain for the parched throats of those playing on the tennis courts behind the school.  At Wahtonka, combined efforts with previous classes to purchase a professionally designed school crest were arranged.Looking back most of us can appreciate the benefits we gained from our high school experiences.  Your joint planning committee thinks it time to again repay our alma mater.  We have investigated the school’s needs and found a wanting for mobile electronic devices.  To quote current The Dalles Wahtonka Principal, Steve Jupe:

 The continued escalation in cost of textbooks while dealing with shrinking budgets can be predicted to cause our school to choose other media for educational transmission in the very near future.  A promising alternative that could either supplement or possibly supplant part of future textbook demand is portable educational technology. 

A goal for the purchase of these electronic devices for the school has been set and hope to fulfill during the 2012-13 school year.

We suggest donations of $19.65 or more from each member of the class to raise these funds.  You may designate your donation as a remembrance for a special classmate, faculty or community member—living or deceased–that you wish to honor.   Please consider making more than one donation for multiple honorees.

It is our desire to honor your donation by listing your name and remembrance, if desired, on our website.   In addition we will send, at your request, a donation recognition letter to you for each honoree.

Please consider this opportunity to give present and future The Dalles Wahtonka high students the gift of a life time by mailing, or sending from our web site, your donation.   Use the Paypal button below to make your donation online or send your check payable to  “Class of 1965” to:

               Class of 1965

               C/O Gary Bradford

               305 E. 5th Street

               The Dalles, OR 97058 

Please click “Legacy Gift Rembrance Form”.  You can either print the form and mail with your check or fill it out online, save it to your desktop and email to:                               

During our investigation we have found other worthy causes both in the community and the school that need our help, please visit our web site to see a list and how to contribute.Thank you.

Contributions or gifts to The Dalles Wahtonka Class of 1965 are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes,


The Dalles Wahtonka Class of 1965 Planning Committee 

  • Alan Bowdle
  • Gary Bradford
  • Mike Elston
  • Cheryl Hexum-Godwin
  • George Dyer
  • Widge Wolfe-Johnson
  • Christy Weber-Roy
  • Joy Otteson-King
  • Susan Patrick-Goldstein
  •  Donna Reiman Jensen-Lawrence
  • Larry Austin
  •  Gail Strode-Timmins
  • Linda Cael-Miller
  • Penny O’mera-Dunbar

Legacy Gift Remembrance Form

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