August 17, 2019


2019 Mini Reunion

August 17, 2019

Class of 1965

12:00 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Spooky’s Pizza

3320 W. 6th st.

The Dalles, OR

No host/no rsvp….just show up!!


AND SHOW UP THEY DID!! All 35 classmates. There were also 8 spouses, 1 sister and 1 son for a total of 45 attendees. Everyone had a great lunch and, judging by the volume in the room, great conversation was had by all.

Front Row seated:  Daphne Goss Bynum, Bill Webb, Christine McNab Denton, Diana Sievers Arvieux, Shirley Glasgow Mitchell, Luanna Utley Meuser, Patty Moore Haugen, Gary Bradford, George Dyer.

Second Row:  Allen Grant, Linda Fallon Driscoll, Diane Jurief Delaney, Alice Wolfe Johnson, Norma Re Kennedy, Terry Medaris, Teresa Faught Barber, Dorthy Hughson Winterfield.

Third Row:  Allen Bowdle, Chuck Foster, John Moore, Dick Adkisson, Curt Gallaher, Doug Hicks, Ron Stinson, Renea Peterson Bradford, Colleena McGuire Capaci, Steve Watkins, Sharon Hannifan Pevera, Karl Rozentals, Ron Confer, Mike Moore.

Not Pictured: Sue Ann Zutz Johanson, Karen Maidment Cooney, Jeanne Miller Stockwell, Jerry Bagge.

updated 8/21/2019