August 17, 2019


2019 Mini Reunion

August 17, 2019

Class of 1965

12:00 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Spooky’s Pizza

3320 W. 6th st.

The Dalles, OR

No host/no rsvp….just show up!!


AND SHOW UP THEY DID!! All 35 classmates. There were also 8 spouses, 1 sister and 1 son for a total of 45 attendees. Everyone had a great lunch and, judging by the volume in the room, great conversation was had by all.

Front Row seated:  Daphne Goss Bynum, Bill Webb, Christine McNab Denton, Diana Sievers Arvieux, Shirley Glasgow Mitchell, Luanna Utley Meuser, Patty Moore Haugen, Gary Bradford, George Dyer.

Second Row:  Allen Grant, Linda Fallon Driscoll, Diane Jurief Delaney, Alice Wolfe Johnson, Norma Re Kennedy, Terry Medaris, Teresa Faught Barber, Dorthy Hughson Winterfield.

Third Row:  Allen Bowdle, Chuck Foster, John Moore, Dick Adkisson, Curt Gallaher, Doug Hicks, Ron Stinson, Renea Peterson Bradford, Colleena McGuire Capaci, Steve Watkins, Sharon Hannifan Pevera, Karl Rozentals,

Not Pictured: Sue Ann Zutz Johanson, Karen Maidment Cooney, Jeanne Miller Stockwell, Jerry Bagge.

updated 8/21/2019