August 18, 2023


August 18, 2023

The Class of 1965 2023 Mini Reunion was held at Spooky’s in The Dalles on August 18, 2023. We had 33 classmates and 6 spouses attend. As you can see, it’s impossible to get all thirty-three 75/76 year-olds to pay attention all at once!!


Front row:  Lee Browning, Alice “Widge” Wolfe Johnson, Maureen Connolly Mack, Susan Patrick Goldstein, Joy Otteson King, Ruth Bailey Welle, Dorthy Hughson Winterfield, Norma Re Kennedy, Terry Miller Cornett, Terry Medaris, Larry Austin

Second row:  Renea Peterson Bradford, Allen Grant, Diane Jurief Delaney, Larry Denis, Cynthia Lane Stolzenburg, Marilyn Turner Neilsen,
Patsy Morioka Ballinger

Third row:  Gay Melvin, Ron Stinson, Pat Gibson, Gary Bradford, Ed Wolf, Marilyn Ballinger Berti, John Moore, Sharon Hannifan Pevera,
George Dyer, Mike Elston, Donna Reiman Lawrence, Bing Ott, Steve Watkins, Scott Lewis, Phil Hill.