e-Mail Directory



This page lists those classmates who are willing to share their e-mail addresses on the web. Make sure that you have sent us your updated personal information.

To be listed on this page, please send the following;

1. Name (including maiden, if appropriate),
2. Spouse’s Name,
3. Address,
4. Home Phone Number,
5. E-mail address;
6. Do you give permission for your name and e-mail address to placed in this web site in the class “E-Mail Directory?”

Alice Wolfe-Johnson email

Allen Bowdle email

Allen Grant email

Barbara Wantulok-Tumilson email

Barbara Williams-Moore email

Becky Thienes-Jacroux email

Bing Ott email

Carol Ann (C. Ann) Nester-Ravine email

Carol Hamilton-Evans email

Carol Hammer Haymond email

Celia Markman-Wienholz email

Cheryl Hexum Godwin  email

Christy Stinson-Coulston  email

Chuck Foster email

Chuck Pryor  email

Dave Mills  email

Diana Sievers-Arvieux email

Diane Froebe  email

Dick Adkisson email

Donna Reiman Lawrence email

Donna Swift Hoggans email

Dorthy Hughson-Winterfield email

Douglas Hicks email

Ed Wolf  email

Gary Bradford  email

George Dyer  email

Helene Jensen-Fremstad  email

Jean Fleck-Kirkland email

Jeanne Miller-Stockwell  email

Jerry Brewer email

John Huteson email

John Moore  email

Joy Otteson-King email

Judy Simon Grimes email

Karen Haener-Adams email

Karen Maidment-Cooney email

Karla Gray-Williams  email

Kathleen Anderson-Ireland  email

Kathy Card-Emmons email

Kathy Cochenour-Vogel email

Kathy Martin-Vanderjack email

Larry Andrews email

Larry Austin email

Larry Denis email

Linda Bowen-Guile email

Linda Fallon-Driscoll email

Luanna Utley-Meuser  email

Luanna Smith Aldama  email

Marilyn Ballinger-Berti email

Marilyn Hattenhauer-Fisk email

Marilyn Nichols-Doll email

Marilyn Sawyer-McCarty email

Marnie Moore email

Mary Peightal  email

Maureen Connolly-Kullman  email

Maureen Mertz  email

Mike Elston email

Mike Tenney email

Nicki Tatone-Smith email

Pat Gibson email

Patsy Morioka-Ballinger email

Peggy Parsons-Jennings email

Penny Carpenter email

Penny O’Meara-Dunbar email

Phil Frischmuth email

Phil Hill email

Richard Schumann email

Roberta (Robbie) Phillips-Anderson  email

Rocky Brown email

Rod Sawyer email

Ron Stinson email

Scott Lewis email

Scott Rooper email

Shannon McCarthy email

Sharon Hannifan Pevera email

Steve MacNab email

Susan Patrick-Goldstein email

Teresa Faught-Barber email

Terry Allen email

Terry Medaris email

Terry Miller-Cornett email

Virgil Marvel email

Wayne Osmundson email


If you would like to contact a classmate not listed above, send an email to gbradford@gorge.net to get their contact information.

Updated:  8/20/2019

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