Legacy Remembrances


The following classmates have donated to The Dalles Wahtonka High School Legacy Project to honor of individual(s) listed below their name.  We thank them for remembering those who had significant impact on their lives and for giving to a project that will have an influence on the lives of today’s high school students in The Dalles community.


Widge Wolfe Johnson

  •   Victor Wolfe, Father, DHS ‘26
  •   Alan Rowland, Friend, DHS ‘65
  •   Jim Powell, Friend, DHS ‘65
  •   Karyl Fadness, Friend, WHS ‘65
  •   Sarah Adkins, Friend, DHS ‘65
Susan Patrick Goldstein

  •   Fred Radtke, Teacher
  •   Lester Jensen, Teacher
George Dyer

  •   Bill & Betty Dyer, Parents
  •   Fred Radtke, Teacher
  •   Geoff Sauncy, Classmate
  •   Glenn Betschart, Teacher
  •   Lester Jensen, Teacher


Michael Elston

  •   Athlene Yeackel Elston, Mother
  •   Milt & Shirley Skov, My Other Parents
  •   Connie McGonigal, Teacher
  •   Widge, BFF
  •   Dennis Brown, Friend
Phil Hill

  •   Clyde Beard, compassionate fellow as principal
  •   Constance McGonigal,  English Comp.  Teacher
  •   Robert Smith, Good Chemistry memories
  •   TDHS-Terrific memories, great classmates and   friends
  •   Don Carpenter, best music teacher
Christy Stinson   Coulston

  •   The Class of 1965 and teachers who provided   the structure and knowledge needed to help us on our way through life’s   challenges.
Larry Austin

  •   Lowell & Mildred Austin, Parents
  •   Dave McCormick, Teacher
  •   Al Miller, Coach
  •   Jim Mahan, Classmate
  •   Jim Powell, Classmate
  •   Terry Esmay, DHS ‘64
  •   Walt Smith, Teacher
  •   Jack Harmon, Coach
  •   Keith Tucker, Coach
  •   Gary Morioka, DHS ‘63

Dick Adkisson

  •   Jim Mahan
  •   Jim Powell
  •   Betty Kennedy
  •   Don Carpenter, Teacher

Gary and Renea Peterson Bradford

  •   Bob Taylor, Principal
  •   Jim Powell, DD ’49 Plymouth, pals TDHS/OSU/SLP
  •   John Baker, Colonel Wright buds
  •   Carolyn Blum Westin, Majorette Teammate
  •   Mark Westlund, Harvey Aluminum Outfielder
  •   Warren Moore, Pitcher

Larry Denis

  • Clyde Beard
  • Lester Jensen

Cheryl McGough Gallagher

  • Mike Elston, such a good friend

Linda Bowen Guile

  • Adam Guile, Son

Ron Stinson

  • The Seven

Bruce Lindsay

  • David McCormick, for inspiration in many things in life
  • George Dyer, for being a great pal
  • Larry Austin, for being a great pal
  • Joy Otteson, for buttoning my collar in Radkte’s class and keeping my hopes up
  • Clay Smith, for fighting the good fight and keeping me a safe driver
  • To everyone else who made my days of youth so charming

Gary Ordway

  • Sue Ordway, Sister, Class of 71
  • Ray Ordway, Brother, Class of 72
  • Jim Mahan, Brother and classmate, Class of 65
  • Noel Aronson, Teacher

Helene Jensen Fremstad

  • Lester Jensen, Father and Mentor
  • Mark Jensen, Brother and Friend
  • Walt Smith, Very Special Individual

Christy Webber Roy

  • Scott Roy, Class of 1991

Gay Melvin

  • Walt Smith

Allen Grant

  • Jim Powell
  • Jim Mahan

Scott Lewis

  • Jim Mahan
  • Joe Petroff


Terry Miller   Cornett

  •   Widge Wolfe Johnson, Classmate

Alene Dunlap   Thille

  •   Karyl Fadness

Tom McCoy –   Class of 1961

  •   Lester Jensen

Marilyn Turner Nielsen

  •   Clare Koznek

Ed Wolf

  •   Tedd Johnston, Childhood BFF
  •   Bob Kelley, Friend
  •   Betty Kennedy, First Girlfriend
  •   Larry Robertson, Friend
  •   Class of 1965—The Best Ever!!!

Joy Otteson King

  • Constance McGonigal, Teacher
  • David McCormick, Teacher

Allen Bowdle

  • Joe Thompson

Richard Rooper

  • Jerry Austin, classmate, good friend, good times

Robert C. Guile(Class of 1964)

  • Adam Guile, Son

Pattie Moore Haugen

  • Dick Yecny, great teacher
  • Don Carpenter, great teacher & nice to everyone

Marnie Moore/Barbara Williams Moore

  • Bob Williams, father, the greatest teacher and coach in life and sports

Howie Shaw

  • Wounded Warrior Project

Scott Rooper

  • Anonymous

Shannon McCarthy

  • Walt Smith, Teacher

Marilyn Ballinger Berti

  • Jim Powell, Friend
  • Sarah Adkins, Friend

Leslie McPherren Repman

  • Lester T. Jensen, Teacher

Nicki Tatone Smith

  • Candy Dunn Kaseberg, Classmate & Best Friend
  • Saundra Jones Buehner, Classmate & good friend
  • Dan Thalman, younger classmate & life long friend
  • Jo Barry, PE teacher and inspirational teacher
  • Mike Dethman, friend, gone but not forgotten

John Moore:

  • Clare Koznek, good friend and college roommate
  • Jim Powell, long time family friend

Larry and Susie Townsend

  • Jim Powell